You are an immigrant person? You need to learn the language to ameliorate your employability or simply to communicate better?

We are the largest francization center for immigrants in the Quebec area and we have three options for you to choose from:

Self-learning Center (CAFI)

The CAFI will give you the chance to learn at your own pace while getting the support you need to ameliorate your French, both the written and the speaking skills. It is a free professional service offered to immigrant adults who are currently employed, or aspire to be.

To benefit from this service, you will need to meet with one of our advisor to evaluate your situation and needs.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please write us at

Francization at work

Free French courses, for oral and written comprehension and skills, financed by Services Quebec (certain conditions apply) and offered directly at your work place. This program will:

  • Evaluate your company’s needs
  • Offer you a “tailor made” approach to learning the language according to your field of work and expertise
  • Ameliorate your employees’ communication and comprehension skills
  • Encourage team work
  • Ensure safety at work

This program is entirely financed by Services Quebec, including the level placement test, the courses and the participants’ salary (to a maximum amount of 20$/hour).

To verify your company’s admissibility for the formation, or for more information, contact:

Chantal Fleury
418 554-7031


Delphine Petitjean
581 984-6749